What is Accu-flo?

Accu-flo is a server-based medication administration system designed for use by pharmacies serving assisted living, long-term care, rehab, and correctional facilities.  The software automates the process of administering, documenting, and re-ordering medications and treatments safely and efficiently.

Accu-flo allows long-term care facility staff to focus safely on quality resident care by reducing errors through automated record keeping, low inventory alerts, and programmable dosage information.

Web photo1What are the benefits of using Accu-flo?

Some of the benefits to using Accu-flo are:

  • Nursing Staff saves time during the medication pass
  • Month-end changeover is eliminated  as the accuracy of each medication and treatment  ordered is verified in real time using order verification
  • Documentation relating to residents is simplified (i.e., vitals, notes),quickly accessible, and easily analyzed.
  • PRN Follow-up reminders
  • Vitals reminders
  • Visual cues so you can easily see if med passes are due or late
  • Resident photos are displayed for accurate identification
  • Increased accuracy through the Five rights: right drug, right resident, right dose, right route, right time


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