At Elwyn Specialty Care, we strictly follow each facility’s specific guidelines to ensure that patients get the care they are promised. We coincide with ACHC, OBRA, NCCHC, DEA, HIPPA and the State Pharmacy Board to assure that each facility is in compliance with all regulations.

Pharmaceutical Care Planning

Our pharmaceutical care planning emphasizes pre-admission screening to insure proper drug selections, safety, efficacy, outcomes and cost.

Our clinical programs include:

  • Drug Utilization Reviews
  • Drug Information and Education
  • Formulary/Disease State Management

Consultant Pharmacists

Our consultant pharmacists’ responsibilities encompass:

  • Proactive and retroactive monthly drug utilization reviews
  • Medication room on-site inspection
  • Serve as a member of your facility’s Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) and Quality Assurance (Q&A) Committees.

Policy & Procedure Manual

We can provide a customized and comprehensive policy and procedure manual for your facility.


Our clinical staff of pharmacists and nurses will provide in-services on a wide variety of medical topics.

Medical Literature

We provide up-to-date medical information and the latest guidelines and regulations for your facility.

Reports & Documentation

We keep track of everything to ensure proper treatment, service and following of medical guidelines. We use Medication Administration Records (MARs), Physician Order Sheets (POS), Treatment Administration Records (TAR), and Psychotherapeutic Monitoring Flow Charts.

Monthly Reports

We offer a wide array of computer generated forms: including utilization, formulary management and drug interaction reports.


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