At Elwyn Specialty Care, our patients deserve to expect safety. We make this a top priority for everyone. Our team of dedicated pharmacists and staff utilize script imaging, bar-code scanning, and workflow technology to minimize and prevent errors.

Automed Fast Pack EXP

We utilize AutoMed Fast Pack EXP to provide a fully automated packaging system for single dose and multi-dose compliance packs.

Facility Web Portal Access

Our web-based application allows medical and pharmaceutical facilities to:

  • Enter new admissions
  • Maintain patient information
  • Reorder and discontinue medications
  • Order new medications
  • Submit or discontinue ancillary orders
  • View patient profiles in real-time

This paperless system maximizes efficiency by reducing transcription errors, allowing for new orders to be pre-screened for interactions and saving nursing time.


Elwyn Specialty Care is partnered with Artromick for the quick and efficient Electronic Medication Administration System.


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