Infusion & Enteral Therapy

In order to manage health care costs, skilled nursing facilities are treating patients who require a high degree of medical care and who would otherwise require treatment in a costly hospital environment. Elwyn Specialty Care provides intravenous, and infusion, therapy products and services for these client facilities, as well as hospice and home care patients. Infusion therapy consists of the product (a nutrient, antibiotic, chemotherapy or other drugs in solution) and the intravenous administration of the product.

Elwyn Specialty Care prepares the infusion products to be administered using proper equipment in an sterile environment and then delivers the product to the nursing home for administration by the nursing staff. Proper administration of intravenous drug therapy requires a highly trained nursing staff. Upon request, our consultant pharmacists and nurse consultants provide in-house education and certification program on intravenous  therapy. We assure the proper staff training so that you are in compliance with regulatory requirements in client facilities offering an intravenous therapy program.

By providing an infusion therapy program, Elwyn Specialty Care enables its client facilities to admit and retain patients who otherwise would need to be cared for in a hospital or acute-care facility. The most common infusion therapies we provide are total parenteral nutrition, which provides nutrients intravenously to patients with chronic digestive or gastrointestinal problems, antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy, pain management and hydration.

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